Red Teams Newest Weapon, Guns of the Soviets

Here’s my latest attempt at getting back into the TF2 shots.
MGS4 reference for those who didn’t get it.
I tried to get the greenish tint from the Middle Eastern atmosphere from the game, I thought it turned out alright.

My SDoF been screwin with me lately…
C&C as always folks, always appreciated.

Posing is solid, SDoF looks fine to me, green tint looks pretty neat, and the angle is alright. Only complaint is that it’s a bit empty.

Thanks for the comment, I was worried about the emptiness of the picture but was trying to hurry up and finish (always a mistake in any form of art…)

Behold! Guns of the patriots!..err Soviets

Go get him now! He can’t move for a bit after using that technique!
Oh the MGO humor…

Man I can’t seem to get comments for shit…

And holy shit 2000th post!

Didn’t play the game, reference pics?

OP gets a rainbow for being original.

Better than pics, here’s the cutscene I based this off of.

MGS4 is fucking awesome. And I loved that scene.

Great to see another fan of the greatest game series ever.

Yesssss, fellow MGS fanssss.

Although I was very disappointed in the crying voices. And the animations for said crying. Very disappointed. However, I loved Johnny in the last few cutscenes. Meryl’s all like, “Last mag!” and BAM!


Of course the proposal was awkward.

Well you didn’t really do any editing , except for the color balance.

The posing is pretty cool though.

And yes, it does look real empty.

Editing is not needed! look at my screenshots! :buddy:

Yeah I usually like to keep the editing at a minimum.
I don’t wanna be rated on my skills in photoshop I wanna be rated on the pic itself.