Red vs Blue: Capture the Flag (WIP)

A work in progress by: KarmaLord (Pvt. Grif)

A little over a month ago I decided to work on a Halo themed team-based gamemode. This was brought up in a gamemode idea thread on a community I was part of. After thinking about it I decided to theme it on Red vs. Blue, the RoosterTeeth production. Originally I was going to start by creating Grifball (from the webseries) but then decided to start with something else. After a bit of thinking and deciding, I chose to make Red vs Blue Capture the Flag.

My statistics (wholly inaccurate unless I remember to update them):
Project started: September 28th, 2013
Last update: November 5th, 2013
Total time spent so far coding and solo testing: 24+ hours
Total time spent playtesting publically/privately: 16+ hours
Average player count in test server: 8


Current status: InfDev Development (Pre-Alpha)

It is still in the bare basics of development, but it is getting farther every time I have time to work on it.

Current features include:

  • Halo Spartan playermodels (red and blue)
  • Halo weaponry
  • Flag dropping/resetting
  • Respawn timers
  • Sounds from Halo (announcer voices)
  • Auto-resort of teams after a team reaches 10 captures
  • 3 maps currently set up and fully working
  • Lowered gravity and fall damage to give a more halo-ish feel

Planned features include:

  • Halo style boosts (overshield, active camo) - Items coded, just need to implement a spawn system for them
  • Classes (such as assault, sniper, etc) - Basic class structure is coded, need to create the methods for selecting classes, storing class across server joins, and menus.
  • Vehicle support for larger maps
  • Player statistics (lifetime flag caps, time on server, kdr, kill count)
  • Multi-kill support (double/triple/monster kill sounds basically)


Is this planned to be a public release?

  • I’m not sure. It all depends on how the overall view on it is.

Ask questions! They will be added to the FAQ, as well as questions I think of that may be asked.



Screenshots (none of in-play as of yet.):
Team selection:[/thumb]


Red Flag:

Blue Flag:

Flag Holding:

Maps (currently coded for use):



The screenshots don’t show some of the newer HUD/GUI changes that have better font selection (including the Halo font seen in my header images), nor does it give much of a feel of the actual gameplay (which everyone who’s played it has loved.)

Also, this is planned to be turned into a larger compilation of gamemodes based around Halo/RvB. I’ve planned to make Team Deathmatch, Free for All, King of the Hill, Slayer, and Grifball so far if this turns into any type of success.

Questions, comments, suggestions, constructive criticism welcome.

Looks amazing man! Cant wait to see it all finished! :slight_smile:

The usage of Heavy D’s Halo SWEPs is a bit questionable but other than that everything looks pretty good

What makes it questionable? They’re readily available on the workshop (in fact, I’m even using resource.AddWorkshop to add them), so it’s just like using M9K’s Alternate CSS weapon pack or any of his other packs.

I dunno, they just don’t seem to fit the gamemode. For example, I know some of the guns actually have ironsights as a secondary while others have melee as the secondary, not to mention how ridiculously overpowered the rocket launcher is.
Also, grenades don’t explode on a delay after impact :x I guess this is a particular that shouldn’t be minded but still.

Ah, you meant SWEP-code wise, thought you may have meant him having an issue with it (which is why I brought up it being on workshop.) I do have plans to balance them out a bit better, plus I never plan on having the rocket launcher as an actual weapon. As for grenades, they explode a time after thrown as normal fragmentation grenades do. The spring latch popping off is what primes it, not the impact.

As for the melee-ironsight thing, I may make a system to allow melee when holding alt or something and then pressing right mouse, otherwise have ironsights. That said, I may not. It’s really the pistol where its different (and it has multiple versions for sights/nosights/melee), the shotgun you don’t need ironsights for as it’s spread doesn’t make ironsights helpful.

Well actually, your bit about the grenades is incorrect. In Halo, the grenades’ fuses are triggered on impact and have about the delay of a second. Again, though, this is just a particular.

As for the rest, good to see that you’ll adjust the code and stats. If I could be so humble as to suggest that maybe excluding ironsights altogether would be best? After all I don’t think ironsights are helpful at all for these weapons, especially since some of them lack sights altogether (as a result of the in-canon smart targeting system) and forcing people to walk while meleeing would only serve to deter its use.

I’m sorry if I seem like I’m being aggressive, I guess I just have a few personal gripes with some of the weapons for not being “faithful” enough :tinfoil:

Those model hacks uuuuuuggggggggg. Other than that it seems to be good.

Those halo weapons remind me of Gmod 10 xD

Actually, they’re not model hacks; they’re ported worldmodels that were then slapped onto existing CS:S reskins.
I’m actually working on a Light Rifle right now using the same method.

Well, I’ve just been chatting with a friend of mine who is going to help me get the delays right and work on helping rip stuff from Halo to give a better feel (HUD, models if we can figure them out, more sounds, etc.)

As for the grenade, if it’s possible I’ll make it trigger on impact, but it may not be depending on how Heavy D made the grenade. I’ve yet to actually extract the files to see.

Well how Heavy D makes the grenade shouldn’t matter too much – after all all you’d really need to do is put a timer under ENT:PhysicsCollide for one second, check if the entity is valid, and then create an explosion at the ent’s position while simultaneously removing it, and just snip out all of Heavy D’s fuse code.


That’s the plan, I just need to actually take apart the workshop file and do it.

If you ever end up releasing this I’ll 100% be down to host it…
This seems like a fantastic idea.

To bring this up again, will you be making a new base for the SWEPs? Heavy D’s SWEPs are pretty badly made tbh and Heavy D himself turned out to be a bad person based on events that happened about a week ago.

I love this and would like to talk to you about it more. Pm me please.

Been a while but any word on this? :frowning: Why does every team based competitive gamemode die out… Even the original Halo gamemode from years ago which I was working with the dev on. Supplied him server and such for testing.