Red Vs Blue Season 9 Snow Marines

So if you saw episode 2 of the new awesome season of RvB You would of seen these guys! and I think they look purely awesome!!, So I thought if someone could maybe hex and skin a few models together to make them I mean we already have the marines, and well you’d need to skin it to be snow camo and just slap on a balaclava to there face and done (its probably not as simple as I described it but eh)


Thanks in advance

I support this.

they would be awesome to have.

Red vs. Blue is awesome and so are those models, so I support this.

All they did was reskin the main outfit to white, and replace model on the head, or probably recolored it to black.

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Just reskin the one that been released.

Would if I could Im terrible at skinning, and I don’t know actually know how to edit models.

I would try asking someone to, i can probably ask rusty to help with skining it.

Really that’d be really cool