Red vs Blue -tf2

Well, i was thinking about a game mode and skin. Make blue skins as women. Red stay as men. And it will be a gamemode. And add women sounds for the blue team. Hurr. i think it will be good.


Look in the TF2 subforum. This takes a damn long time. AyesDef is working on a female scout.

Wow, no references, disregard for time, and a very slight chance of trolling. Amazing.

This isn’t a modeling problem, it’s a scripting problem. You’d need to intercept normal Steam functions to make teams use different model sets, sounds, and game modes. I think the Manny Admin Plugin does it but I’m a modeler so I don’t remember it well.

The closest thing we can do to fulfill your request is make a bunch of new models and skins, but both teams must use the same models and sounds.