Red Weed spreading over the countryside (Scene build, flatgrazzzzz)

Other angle to prove it IS flatgrass:

Comments and criticism are both welcome.

Good but the weed’s a bit un-aa’d and the flatgrass sky is too obvious.


sexy pic

Pretty nice. It looks a little bit odd though. Still, a good scene-build.

Well, cannot do anything about the AA on the weed, it’s the texture.

Thanks, pal :smile:

Too me, seems a little too red.

Great scenebuilding though.

Has bold been taken away?

Fucking impressive!

Very awesome!

It conquered earth along with the martians, killing ALOT of the fauna of earth, so i don’t think it’s TOO Red

I like it.

“They drink us. They drink us!”
I’m going to have to watch the movie again.

Really nice scene build, the colors look like they’re from another world.

Fucking surreal. I like it.

Despite the fact in the movie they don’t seem to drink blood, in the musical/book they inject it into their own veins

It reminds me of something I remember reading about… I think it was about a game.

My favorite thing about this is the guy, his pose, the model used, just really looks cool for some reason. Other than that everything else looks fairly okay.

That’s a lot of …red. Awesome!

War of the worlds perhaps?

why is that guy a giant