Red wine for radiation

According to last devblog
I would like to ask for a bottle of red wine into a game.

It is well known that red wine protects human’s cells of damage and degeneration,
also two examples:

  1. sailors in nuclear submarines drink a bit of red wine in their duty as a precautionary action,
  2. after the Chernobyl accident, some fishermen fishing on the opposite coast was drunk and they survived, even they were near the radiation leakage of the power plant.

So bringing a red wine to the game can protect a player’s health when he/she enter a radtown or at least lower his/her radiation status.

Anyway having more ways how to fight with radiation would be nice as it brings another options for a player - you can have classic rad pills like in legacy to swallow them when you got radiation or walk in water like now (actions are taken after you got radiation) and also you can drink some red wine before you will enter radtowns to make you survive there longer (actions taken before getting radiation).

And of course, the more wine you will drink, the better/longer protection, but your sight can be very blurry. And then you may make another status like HP, food calories, radiation level, etc… that you may have also some alcohol immunity which you can build by how much you drink/dont drink the alcohol so it will have different impact on your blurred sight.

Like this?


AK Kalashnikov Vodka

Take a sip of my little friend!