Red Wolves, n bears OH MY!!!

OK, I understand them getting rid of the Zombies, but replacing them with the Bears and Wolves (which I don’t care either way) ruined the game at the moment. People farm Rad areas to get ammo, and gear. With zombies, a quick shot or 2 to the head, and u could continue farming. NOW, you have to dump 4-8 shots into the wolves/bears. Basically, you’re using more ammo in the Rad zones than you’re getting… so what the hell is the point of farming rad for stuff, if you’re going to have to waste all your ammo doing so? This needs to be fixed, so Bears and Wolves can be headshot or something. I know everyone on my server is complaining at the moment about it.

Use a shotgun.

You’re welcome.

If you can’t farm rad towns now then that is a good thing.

Oh, and people are dying from farming Rock Piles? WTF!


Or a bow, if you wanna keep ammo…

Consider this. Using just the hand rock you could have killed enough zombies to get the pick axe. With the pick axe you could kill zombie in masses, gathering all the materials BESIDES bullets en masse. That’s basically how I obtained a large storage crate filled with nothing but research kits. Didn’t spend a single bullet.

Now also take into consideration the rarity of research kits compared to bullets. Bullets dropped nearly every other zombie. Dropped so readily that there was no need to make your own bullets. Over the course of one in-day game one could feasibly get an entire stack of 556 without wasting a single bullet themselves. Lather-rinse-repeat over several in-game days and you’ll never have to hunt for the bullets themselves anymore. On top of looting other people you get into gunfights with, within 2 hours of gameplay you can feasibly get several stack of various ammo, armor, and other tidbits that drop from both zombies and players alike.

Essentially, no more freebies for you. You actually have to (GASP!) work for your gear.