RedCity wants YOU.

We need some modelers, especially those who can create nice character models and can rig/animate it.
It would be good if you can texture and properly apply ambient occlusion, bump maps, etc. and basically make it look good and not stale like everything else out there.

This is the dude to contact:
This is his website:

Fancy telling us what the hell “RedCity” is?

will RedCity pay me for doing all that work?

I doubt it, since what it is, is a secret.

What, just what?!

I can’t even think of a witty, mildly amusing explanation for that, Sphinxa.

Can I be in your mod? I’ll be ideas guy.

Depending of the amount you’re willing to pay, I might do models for you

Then I’ll be the meta-ideas guy.

No thank you, we already have to many useless “Idea Guys”

We already have a coder, 2 mappers and 2 amateur modelers; All we need is someone who can model and rig high quality player-models, weapons and other things of the sort.

As for pay? You will get a total of $0.00 converts to €0.00)
But if the project goes well people will get compensation from donation money (Assuming we have extra after web-hosting, etc)

If your not interested move on and ignore this thread, don’t just bash people who are genuinely trying to get some modelers to help on a project.

Also: If you aren’t sure about if you are good enough, if you can rig / create player models that look realistic then you’re good enough. (We need vehicles, players and weapons.)

to wrap the project up: “Oh look its APB … wait what the?”

I think someone just failed their “detect sarcasm” roll. And it wasn’t me.

Then good luck my friend, unless you have something to show here, I doubt you’re gonna get any help.
I mean jesus, we don’t even know what your project is about.

I have nothing to show that is complete or is 100% final, like any project.
We do have code, maps and some models that is in working order, as well as content that is not written and being contemplated.

What I am asking for is someone who can make player models and props, you would be given a guide on what they should look like, scale and the other specifics but for now its mostly all in draft but we still have a good idea.
We just need someone on standby and who can make stuff for testing purpose but that also can be called in to make final content when its needed.

Listen to me. I’ve run projects. I’ve failed projects. Most importantly, I’ve learned from my failure. Those lessons I am about to impart to you, so listen up.

  1. Never try to get a team together for a project. Instead, start a project you are capable of completing on your own, or perhaps with one close friend who had a major part in the idea. The team will naturally accumulate once you release. If the project is too large for you to do alone, scale it down, throw parts out, until it’s small enough. You can always add it back in later IF you get a team.

  2. Never ask for help without showing what you have so far. Joining a team is an investment of time and effort. We need to know that you have invested that already. Ideally, you should be able to show a full run-through of your project. Not 100% complete, but the basics should be there. From the sound of it, your project is still in the “pre-production stage”. Not good. You should do this at pre-alpha at the earliest, preferably alpha.

  3. Make us interested. So far, the only details we have is that it is some sort of city, and that’s just deduced from the title. We have absolutely no idea what this is. Is it for RP? Is it for DM? What sort of setting is it? What sort of scale is it? All of those things need to be answered, preferably in the title of the thread, at bare minimum in the first paragraph of the OP.

  4. Show us your skills. What, exactly, do YOU bring to this project? How much can YOU get done?

  5. Be humble. Referring to yourself as “the Valve of the Gmod community” only serves to make you a target. Besides, I’m pretty sure Valve is the Valve of the Gmod community.

You want a good example of how to start a project? Look at this. A bit small, one spelling error, but the basic content is “here’s this thing I’m making for fun, here’s what’s done, any suggestions, and btw anybody want to DL it?”. Now look at what that project grows into: thousands of developers from multiple international companies, an entire billion-dollar industry segment focused on it, and market share ranging from 5% (home desktops) to 90% (supercomputers). Now that’s success. I’m not saying that if you follow these rules, you’ll make it big like that (after all, you have to be making good content in the first place), but you’ll definitely do better if you take my advice.

He’s right you know.