Reddit Rust Community server going live 19:00 London Time!

Hi all

Some of you may have seen me posting on here, Reddit or living in UK1 official server.

I have started a Rust community based around Reddit, with our own server that we can organise events on.

The server will be live at 19:00 today for the public to join and start building the community :smiley:

We are currently running a competition to design a PvP arena for the server where we will be holding tournaments. The arena must have spectator areas. If you think you can design an awesome arena, post in the relevant thread on the subreddit :smiley:

Check us out and subscribe to keep up with community events and to vote in polls which determine how the server pans out.

Wrong section.

Thanks for the post.

Will repost there when I get a minute.

Cool story, brah. Can’t wait to come in and start murdering spectators in the arena.

Muhaha :slight_smile:

We’re working on a little something to combat(mind the pun) that. :slight_smile: