REDDIT THUNDERDOME! Multiple Specialized Events, US West, Sleep/PVP/No Abuse/Active Hacker Protection

Server Name Multiplay :: LA. Official Reddit PVP/SLP/EVENTS

How to Connect via Console: net.connect

Who We Are: We have a very engaging server with no admin abuse and several factions to join or play with. We encourage to people to play with us and build up and create your own factions as well :wink:

We have events on the server, like our Signature THUNDERDOME. We have many other events we are creating including the Mage’s Tower, in which participants enter a 25 story tower maze in a race to the top for the prize.

We do not give C4 or explosives but the rewards are hefty indeed.

Come join us, we like to have a lot of fun and there’s a lot of activity on the server. The team of admins are there to help you get unstuck and manually hunt hackers and griefers to keep the server healthy.