Redead map help

I hope some of you have played Redead and mapped for it because I have a problem.
See I wanted to map for this gamemode but whenever the zombies spawn I get this error

ERROR: GAMEMODE: 'Think" Failed: includes/extensions/table.lua: 165: stack overflow

It just does this over and over and it lags until I disconnect or close gmod


I think it may be because I have never made a noded map before I thought what you had to do was make a bunch of info_nodes where you want them to walk and I did that don’t think it rude to correct me because I’m confused :frowning:

If you want here is the BSP and VMF + all that other stuff that comes with the map compile :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: yay first post

It seems as though the issue would be missing nodes in your map. The gamemode requires them for the NPC’s and is probably not coded to handle a lack of nodes.

Well that’s what I’m asking about because i have never noded before to be honest all I did was put a bunch of info_node(s) in places. I thought that’s what you had to do…

And I have been searching all Day no good noding help.

Everything works fine till the zombies spawn.

basically, just place a bunch of info_nodes in enough spots to let the zombies navigate around the map. When you place a node, it creates a point, and checks for nearby nodes and creates a grid between all your nodes. The lines on this grid are the potential paths that NPC’s will take, and it calculates the shortest route to the endpoint between the nodes. Place them wisely. Placing 3 in a row will do nothing, as you can remove the center one and the path will remain the same, placing them in a box formation will cause too many unnecessary nodes and will cause NPC’s to navigate weirdly, so place them in areas you want them to go.

thanks for the info I solved the problem no more random errors :smiley: yay now bad spelling me