Redead Returning?

Some of you might have noticed that a certain redead server is actually filled with people. Although redead has been “Dead” for quite some time it still seems that people are interested in it. There have been about 8 people on at one time more than once and for as long as it’s been “Dead”, thats a big number.

Most of you might remember what redead is if not here’s the original unveil link

You may have also noticed that this gamemode was made by Rambo_6 (and others), or Rambo_sechs, the same guy who co-created fretta and simple gamemode base.

I’m merely posting this to remind those who are still interested in Redead or to those who are newly interested. Those who dont know, Rambo_6 stopped working on the gamemode completely quite some time ago. So for whoever is interested in possibly reviving redead there are still a small number of bugs and glitches that would need to be fixed.

Mate, I re-installled and played last night. It was awesome, and made me happy, and it shouldnt have died so quickly; for those that don’t know, its like L4D, but with classes. If you downlaod, just get resources, the servers all have different versions, and it takes only a minute to get the Lua files.
I contacted him offering him a bribe for a Re-Dead remake, he says he essentually re-made it in fretta “Zombie onlsaught” but its not quite the same.
Don’t bother going to the old ReDead Thread, by the end it turned to shit.
I now feel like it looks more like a rant than info…

The reason i abandoned it was because i took the entire thing too far - there’s way too much shit being networked at any given time during the game. It’s just too server-intensive.

Don’t get me wrong, it was fun to play back in the day. But it’d be a better idea to just start it over from scratch.

If you want a nicely optimized version of ReDead then try Zombie Onslaught. I changes a lot of features but at least it plays nice without much server lag.

I dont dissagree with you, but I have happily playe din the last few days, and infact I have rarely had lag on this gamemode, anymore than any other game/gamemode. I agree with those that say the Isotopes were too laggy, but they never really bothered me

I would love to have ReDead back, it was lots of fun.