What is ReDead?

ReDead is best described as a cross between L4D, Killing Floor and STALKER. The first version of ReDead was released a long time ago (before L4D was even out!). Despite its flaws it was a really fun game.

I have recoded a pile of features to use the new GM13 libraries and the NextBot base (the same stuff used by L4D bots and CS:S bots).

What makes ReDead so special?

Here’s a list of cool features:

● Challenging gameplay. A strong emphasis on teamwork and inventory management.

● A dynamic weather system. Thunder, lightning, rain and wind. The weather is randomized each round.

● Random events. They happen over the course of the round. Some are good, like scientists appearing. Some are bad, like temporary radio blackouts. There’s even an event which causes a wicked storm using the weather system.

● Intelligent zombie bots that hunt you down. They can also break through doors, breakable walls and windows.

● A bunch of cool weapons with their own custom base weapon which implements scoping, ironsights, bullet penetration and more.

● Melee weapons, including a hammer which can be used to build barricades using wood you find.

● An inventory system that is very modular and moddable.

● 4 human classes and 4 zombie classes, each with their own perks.

● Fancy effects. Motion blur, postprocessing, realistic drunkness/infection/etc, blood spatter on your HUD, and more!

● Lots of gore. Blow the torso off of a zombie with a winchester, commit genocides with explosives, instagib zombies with laser weapons and blast the heads off of zombies with pretty much any gun.

● Ailment system. If you are attacked by certain zombies you will start to bleed. If you are hit by most zombies you become infected. You can also become irradiated from certain things.

● Replayability. Never play the same match twice. The antidote spawns randomly around the map throughout the game, and the evacuation helicopter has multiple landing zones.

● Stats. At the end of the round awards are handed out to players who have accomplished great and not-so-great things. If you’re one of those fellows who hides in a corner while his teammates do all the work then you will get publicly humiliated. If you do cool things then you’ll get a pile of awards.

● ConVars that give the server owner complete control over most gameplay aspects.

● Quite moddable, i’ve included a bunch of stuff in moddable.lua for people to play around with.

● A custom entity loading system for maps. Do you have a map that doesn’t have spawn points on it? You can easily configure the map ingame with hardly any hassle. Any map that has a Nav Mesh is playable!

I probably missed a few things but you get the idea.

Fuck you i want to look at pictures


Where can i download it?

Here’s the SVN link:

What maps are fun to play on?

I included some maps in the workshop download, but there are other maps out there that can be potentially converted to work with ReDead. I will list some here.

Zombiesurvival: The map is kind of ugly but it plays well enough.

If you have a map you think will work with this gamemode then please share it here!

How to configure a map for ReDead:

Click here for info


Me: Lua scripting, texturing, modeling, mapping.
Omni: Put together the zombocity map. Zombie NPC model rigging and zombie viewmodels.
Hydra1k: Bug reports and patches.

Map pictures aren’t working but I’m glad you’re working on this again.

Edit: He removed the map pictures.

Also i am always looking for more maps. If you know of a good noded map that will suit this gamemode (the bigger the better) then please post it.

GUI could use some upgrading, but other than that, it looks really nice. I have faith that you’ll develop a top-quality project. As for maps, try the necrourban and necro forest series.

Wait, ReDead was released under TokSin?!?!?!!? I should find a server :expressionless:

ToxSin is the most recent version of ReDead although it will be unusable when GM13 rolls out. I decided to stick with the original name since i think it fits the best, and it’s also a name that many people are still familiar with.

Thanks so much for working on this for GM13

You know what I was just thinking? “I miss ReDead, that was a fun gamemode”

Now I can get eaten by zombies all over again!

I remember ReDead. That was the shit, really underrated. But then Left 4 Dead came out.

Thanks, I’ll be sure to play this. It looks much better.

Since you’ve added this new zombie SNPC thing (although it might not actually be new), could you add more NPC types?

I am trying to keep this gamemode lean (the lowest possible amount of custom content). Right now there are 4 types of zombies which i think is pretty decent. Each zombie needs to have a specific niche. I have the common zombies, the fast zombies, the slow AOE damage zombies and i still have to rework the poison zombies to give them a unique role. I’ll consider new types if i come up with more ideas and need more models.

SNPCs aren’t a new thing to this gamemode, even the first zombie npc’s from the original ReDead were SNPCs.

Progress report so far:

● Radioactive zombies no longer have an aura of radiation since it’s so fucking annoying. Instead they now have a shitload of health and irradiate players when they hit them.
● The “Banshee” player zombie class was nerfed a bit. The scream does less damage and is less spammable.
● Radiation now fades over time so you don’t have to buy vodka to cure it. Vodka is still a quick fix for radiation sickness.
● Headshots are now a lot more powerful now, sometimes killing zombies in one hit. Body shots do less damage and limb shots do almost no damage.

Make the shop menu better please, and less laggy.

Glad this is being picked up again.
Considering hosting for a 3rd time, could turn out well especially with the big improvements in gmod 13!

Not sure what you mean by lag… The shop appears when you press f2, you double click the items you want and then click the big “order” button and the shop menu closes. Everything is handled by a single net message.

Optimize it.

I just started developing my idea for what my gamemode would become.
Just read this thread.
My gamemode is becoming exactly like this one LOL

Hey hey, I remember ReDead. It was delightfully unforgiving.

It’s already optimized… Unless you’re playing on dialup there’s absolutely no issues at all.

Favourite gamemode, I’d spend ages late at night refreshing the server browser and scrolling down to the “rd_” part, hoping to find a ReDead server that wasn’t dead.

Nice gamemode. Keep up the good work.