Rediculous Latency

Let me start with these two points:

  1. I just moved, everything as far as settings and config goes, has stayed the same.
  2. The server is about two feet away, so it’s in the same network.

The problem is, the latency for my servers, from what I see is like 600-1200. There’s almost no traffic over my network when this happens. Not sure why it’s so slow, I’m the only one on this network since I live alone… I rebooted everything I could, router and all, but it still is happening. Again, nothing has changed from where I used to live, to here.

That could be a hardware issue.

What are your server’s specs?

Like I said, nothing has changed. It’s the same box as before.


Also wanted to add, the server load is very very low.

Well something have happend.

Checked cables etc? You’d be surprised…


Yeah, switch is fine, router’s fine, cables are fine. It’s weird. Any more input would be great.

Config file? Server Specs?

By “fine” you mean you’ve replaced each component with something else?



Again, nothing has changed.

If nothing have changed, why is it not working as before?

That’s why I made this thread.

Nobody is going to be able to help you unless you give us more information. What is the server specifications?. What kind of network configuration?. What ISP?. Do you host it from home, colocate, or rent a dedicated?.

Seriously, your basically asking us to list everything off the top of our head about what would cause high pings - and that list is pretty freaking large.

If I had to take a wild guess, I would say your NIC is going bad. But since you said you replaced every component, I would have to say that is pretty unlikely.

Once you give some more details, I will be able to help you better.


Oh. Sorry, I missed this:

1. I just moved, everything as far as settings and config goes, has stayed the same.

Please take a speed test at and post it here, and list how many slots your server(s) have.

Could be your ISP.

What ISP do you have? Did you change ISPs when you moved?

using your old setup with a new location. Something makes me thing that whenever your server is pinged, the call goes to the old location of the dns resolving server and then gets sent back to a server near you.

I dont even remember if that makes sense, lol, but in general, do you have a static IP? did you port it over to your new location? does the config tie in to your old IP setup?

Updated router firmware after doing a hard reset. Everything seems fine now. Weird…