!redie command?

So I was wondering if anybody had already released a !redie command, or how I would go about making one if not? I bought a ghostmode script but it’s bad and doesn’t actually work right…

What is it?

!redie is a deathrun plugin I’ve seen on plenty of servers that let’s spectators/dead people to be able to do a run through of the map for practice…

Pretty sure redie is from coder hire, haven’t seen it anywhere else.

you can get, as many people do, get the leaked version online.

And get backdoors and broken addons.

If you’re talking about !redie on nB deathrun server, you won’t find it anywhere, since I coded it for the community myself. I believe !redie was sold on CH, but it was buggy as hell (redies could interact with traps by blocking them and etc.).

NiandraLades sells one on scriptfodder called ghost mode, I used the broken redie command about a year ago and this one has been pretty nice.

Yeah it’s great and all but you can’t use teleporters.

Really it’s just reviving the player, but adding a few checks in a couple places to avoid letting them interact with players, traps, and anything else you want to avoid, as well as making them invisible, not collide with players, and whatever spooky effects you want.