redirect/change addons directory

I have a question regarding running multiple GMod servers one one system.
The servers are solely for use by myself and some friends, and i have configured them in a way that works for us. Each server runs a separate gamemode which is set in the appropriate server.cfg and I manage them all in Firedaemon using the same srcds.exe for every instance. Repeat files are avoided using the windows command “mklink /j <link> <realfolder>”

The problem is with the addons. Some gamemodes don’t need every single addon to run, and the extras usually interfere. Is there any way I can change the addons directory using srcds parameters or server.cfg? For that matter any method of doing this apart from having an entire duplicate of all of the folders needed to run srcds; however, if this is the only way i would like to know anyways.

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this.

ps: please forgive me if this has been asked, but due to the amount of lame kids on this forum, searching only led me to things like “how to hide your fap folder” and similar trash

Just use separate folders. It’s going to alleviate issues down the road.


And no, not possible without keeping two (or more) folders named differently and naming them addons when it’s time to be switched.

Okay then. I guess Ill just add a few xcopy lines to my srcds update.bat