Redirect server file problem: corrupted files

Hello, I recently tried to set up a redirect server for my rented dedicated server. I followed the instructions at:

I also compressed my files into .bz2 format for even faster download(I also tried without bz2). Everything works fine when you connect to the server, that download was about 20 minutes if downloaded from the server. It took less than 2 minutes with the redirect server & bz2. Which is quite awesome but then…

Now the problem is, after the files are downloaded by the client, the files seems to be unusable, and/or corrupted on the client’s computer(i have verified, and the files DO download). Therefore making everything in-game unavailable (for example: menus wont load, weapons are “scripted weapons”, and downloaded models error)

Am I missing something? Do I need any extra scripting to make this works? (besides the sv_downloadurl)

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks