Redirect to another server.


I had a 32 slots server but because it was most of time full I upgraded to another host with 50 slots. So now I have the problem that I have to let them know the new server.

I can simply put in the server name: moved to another host (ip) But is there some addon that redirects to my new server automatically?

Thank you

A simple way would be popping up an HTML panel when they spawn with a button to join your other server.


This is possibly the worst way you could do it.
Try this. (Replace with your new server’s IP)
[lua]–goes in autorun/redirect.lua
if SERVER then
hook.Add(“InitPostEntity”,“redirect”,function() RunConsoleCommand"connect" end)

It should be :
[lua]RunConsoleCommand(“connect”, “”)[/lua]


Sorry, can’t get away without using the parenthesis this time. :smile: