Redirecting to home page

I wasn’t sure if this goes here but when I click the link to expand a video on facepunch I keep getting forwarded to the home page: . Does anyone have any kind of clue to why this happens? Or how to fix it? It only happens quite often but not every time.

Oh another '05er thread…

edit: I don’t know, try another browser

Stop touching yourself at night

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Have any helpful comments?

This happened when I didn’t add facepunch to the list of allowed scripts when using noscript

I’m using firefox with no addons. Is that an addon or a inbuilt feature?

It’s an addon. Can you give me an example of such an occurence? Like, post a video it happens with?


Or quote a post with one of them in it.

Strangely installing the new Firefox 4.0 beta fixed it. I’m confused to what was causing it in the first place.