RedIronOxide an Oxide controlled server, calling for new and old players alike!


*RedIronOxide server has been around for about a month now!

No Durability

Fast Crafting

OXIDE Controlled Airdrops, Once every 5 RUST days.

NEW Night Fires (Empty Furnaces will provide light during the night)

Consolidated a ton of plugins to Essentials !!!

With constant Airdrops (One every 5 days) you are raid ready in a matter of days, if not hours. Come here for your PvP needs! Our playerbase will not ragequit if raided, instead they would more likely say GG and smile for the rush you provide.

Pretty awesome server for being so new!
A small player base right now, but the owner is very nice and very nice commands! Would definitely reccomend!

I’ve been playing here for a few days now and it’s been great. It’s not too heavily modded but has just enough to make it fun and still challenging/rewarding. The active admin on the site is helpful and friendly to new and veteran players alike and most people on the server are friendly and won’t KoS anyone.

Definitely would be great to have a few more people come and be regulars. There’s talk of organized PvP to keep it fun and not be a hassle to anyone and the possibility of building towns and so on.

I definitely recommend this server if you’re looking for a good home for Rust that will stay active as more updates start to happen.

It was awesome seeing so many people on, still looking for more players though! C’mon guys this is an awesome server lets make it better with some friendly competition ;).

People of RUST! We have an Airdrop every 3 in game days. So there is tons of C4 around. Please feel free to join the server and give us some trouble. :3

Bump, shameless bump. That is right! So hope to see ya on the server… :slight_smile:

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/list /history /kit (working on a new one now) and /remove !!!

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There are way to many server, I want you here. Just saying guys.

Was working on a broadcasting plugin but it crashed and burned, will remedy this today after work.

Player complimented on the server, “This is the best set of plugins and rules for a server” And a few more this server is awesome remarks. But we are missing one thing, you! So join and help this server be the funnest ever.

Server is ready for some action by now. All the plugins have been pretty much condensed to Essentials and PvP is just itching to happen. Also if you’re just a friendly home builder there’s plenty of friendlies on server who don’t KoS at all, too. =)

this is an absolutely amazing server, wonderful community although quite small right now, i recomnd this to beginers and veterans alike

fixing some cfg things, sure am proud of this server. Feel free to join guys!

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Fixed the kits!!! Added nightlights back in and tweaked the durability to be super high again.

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Bump, average server population is still low. Guys this server is worth playing in, we got the goods.

Amazing looking bases guys, the empty furnaces burn at night now and makes things look awesome at night.

Just want to say welcome to all the new players!

Calling all bandits, raiders, pvp’ers, and friendlys too I guess :wink:

Getting up there, about 17 people now. Lets keep this going! Made the kit a little less “op” due to requests.

We have a bandit, its on! Lets see more new faces c’mon guys!

I have joined the darkside, I will be a bandit along with my compadre’s… If we raid or kill you it is for fun and sport. So don’t rage quit, make sure to come get your bag because I wont be looting you/it.

If anyone is interested in joining a friendly server dont get the wrong impression, this server is quite policed when it comes to people defending the “new” players. You most likely will not be shot on sight and or while gathering resources or raiding rad towns. So feel free to join in! I added some resources to the empty buildings in small rad and other places that seemed like they needed them. If you have suggestions let me know and hope to see you on soon guys!

Still have plenty of room for new people here.

I have decided to take up residence outside of Next valley, place was getting to big to handle. Nice seeing all the new faces guys.