RedMassacre's Awesome Roller Coaster

Took RedMassacre about 4 hours to make. And I love it, what do you think?

no phx coasters here please get out

must have alot of time on his hands to make somehing like that


having that as a comment… wow.


No seriously, that’s pretty awesome.

what is song please tell meh

dreamscape 09 sound systssem or something.
Also you suck go to and get a friend

Agreed, it’s kind of cool, but if it only had realistic pulling system, no thrusters, and actual wheels…then…then maybe it would be awesome.

not much… detail I guess you could say, but that’s pretty awesome.

KMA its meee :wink: tell massacre great job!

Who cares if its PHX that was fucking awesome

been there asked for sex with robot got rejected done that

No t-shirt to prove it, Out, Get.

there you happy


ive got a nice neck

dets speelt rage guit



It’s more of a thrusterpusher rather than a rollercoaster. It lacks banked turns and doesn’t have much flow to it.

It might be just PHX Spam, but at least it’s not locker spam like that “submarine” a while back.

5/10 for effort I guess. Make it do something exceedingly awesome like have tits or shoot shurikens and lightning and I’ll rate it 10/10.

Thanks for the constructive criticism, I will forward it all to redmassacre and possibly help him make the pulling system and/or banking turns.


Sup Ryzo, why don’t you tell RedMassacre yourself on the server? :wink:

Will do :wink:

Want. Now. Rated 5 starts.