Redo Key

God sometimes I just wish there was a redo key. I undo shit alot that I don’t want undone by accident.

I think there’s an addon for this, but it should be a GMod standard.

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Support. But it would be glitched or exploited: I undo a big prop, put some props where the big one was and then do a redo. What would happen?

The small objects nocollide with the big one :eng101:



There’s a plugin for Citrus admin mod that does this, so it is possible.

Support. I think every one has thought, why isn’t this standard?

It would be glitchy as stated above. New props or constraints would glitch the redo

I agree with OrDnAs, it would be glitchy and wouldn’t work with a lot of situations.

You should only be able to redo until you do something else, making a slider, undo-ing, making another slider then redoing wouldn’t work, but undo a bunch of sliders then redoing them would.

how about it spawns the prop deleted with the same x y z yaw pitch and roll and frozen bam fixes alll the bug cuase frozen props cant spaz or fall

Well, what if it just used the collide system and sent the props everywhere.
Or it could auto no collide them.

I think an undo function for the remover tool would be nice too. Ever pulled out your adv duplicator and got so excited so you hit right click right away on your most amazing contraption you have ever built, just to realize garrysmod didn’t register your duplicator out yet so your remover tool removed the ENTIRE thing?

Same thing that would happen when you spawn a prop halfway in a wall.

Gmod does that a lot to me, tools don’t change sometimes.

What about constraints?

How bout the usuall G-Mod excuse of, “its not glitchy, your just useing it wrong”

Same thing that would happen if you adv. duped someting, made something big and duped it back at original location.

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You don’t understand my point: You can’t redo after you do something, like spawning a prop(Maybe not), or adding a constraint to your contraction.

Well then make something that saves stuff when you undo or remove something and then deletes it permanently when you delete or remove something else so that the last thing you removertooled and the last thing you deleted are saved and can be put back.