Redone Korin

I don’t know if this has been asked before, but it it possible for someone to redo the Korin model so she looks more realistic? I mean, her skin doesn’t even have phong or anything like that. And maybe a version with some normal clothes on would be nice too.

Here’s a link to the original models.

It would actually be extremely easy to add a phong yourself, all you need to do is add some lines to the vmt for her skin and maybe create a mask for her clothes.

more about phongs
you’re pretty much just copy pasting things into the vmt

And how do I go about giving her her normal clothes…?

Learn modeling, 3ds max or blender are probably good places to start. plenty of tutorials out there on character modeling, alternatively you could hack 2 models together and not have to learn modeling. if you google around there are plenty of tutorials on how to do any of these things.

So…you’re saying I should just do it myself? I don’t know if I can. That’s why I’m asking here.

Maybe I’ll ask someone else.

well it’s literally the only way you’re going to get the model you want, good luck finding someone who wants to update some crappy old model of an asian chick.