Redone nuke possible?

With the new update, would a new and spanky looking effect for the nuke be possible?

I mean, the current nuke looks allright, but is it possible to make it look even better and have some other really cool effects?

Here’s a good example:

Props are spawned to make a believable city. A nuke is detonated in, or near, the city. The nuke still has everything it did before except the mushroom cloud looks believable and theres a random percent that things will catch fire within a certain proximity of the blast, or even burn away like players or NPCs do if they are within ground 0-1 of the blast.

I also thought of a new Sent that is mainly for effect. Do you remember the buildings that would blow up into pieces when hit by the strider’s canon? Would it be possible to make those buildings a sent that, when damaged, explode or fall apart (depending on damage)?

The only thing with the new update that might make this look better is the new particle system. Unfortunately, we do not yet have the ability to use it with lua, so for now the effect stays more or less the same.

Random things catching on fire is easy. It did that in gmod 9.

As for the mushroom cloud looking believable, I have an effect that billows and curls like so:

but it lags like fuck.

It all needs more work. Maybe later.

WOAH! Fuckin :krad:

Well I can tell you comparing with the VMF explosive pack Teta, can you come up with something of that caliber? Knowing that as well as a change of sound for it? Possibly will work as well with the overall effect.

I am making new nuke effect for Teta’s v3, Teta, don’t kill me please!

This is as close as I ever got on my effect.



Holy shi…


Jinto, i always knew you are god at making stuff, but now i see it even more clearly.

By the way, how’s the Vmf suite going? :smiley:

By the way, to the curling thing.

Isn’t it possible to implement animating textures to normal nuke effect?
Just like in World in Conflict.

Very nice, I like the expanding mesh thing.

Did you make the particle materials yourself? They look awesome; the way the flame fades out to the dust smoke is done well. I’d tone down on the middle sprites’ alpha though.

Also, are those sunbeams I see?

The particles are the Ep2 particle sheets I split apart and converted for use in the current particle system implementation.

Yep, sunbeams and bloom based on distance from the epicenter.

Ah, so you got it from those animated fire/smoke sprites… in that case, do you mind if I do the same? :smiley:

Here is my collection of fire/smoke materials if you want them. They aren’t animated but look fairly nice.

Awesome, thanks.

This may sound stupid but how would one go about creating those sun beams.


I have written a new effect and new code and a bunch of other stuff to TetaBonita’s nuke. It’s completley compatible with aVoN’s Stargate Pack. It’s included in the Stargate Overloader Pack and i was thinking once i had time to do abit more work on it that i would release it seperatly with some other stuff i’ve been working on.

Jinto will you upload it ? or can you send it me with a pm?

Looks like a volcano eruption. But still well done!

He’s still working on it.

Is it lua, or entity for vmf?

If it’s lua, Jinto just have destroyed my nuke effect relasing plans :frowning:

It’s Lua. And why does it destroy your plans? People might like your nuclear weaponry too. :v:

Maybe have one with a launcher!