RED's New Weapon

The Soldier Battering Ram.


Just an editing test and an entry for the ‘badass competition’.

C&C Please

Why the fuck did you copy pasted it in there?
Why not posing in pl_goldrush?

The motion blur and bloom is a little harsh on the eyes and the camera angle is really boring and leaves a lot of wasted space. Good posing though.

Blur is VERY strange on the backround and on the characters. Everything horribly aliased. Shadows look like brown dust. Characters look unnatural when taken from another picture.


If you copy paste like that, do it properly without AA or bloom and with a proper greenscreen backround.

I was posing in flatgrass because i was messing around then i thought it was a pretty good pose and i wanted to try and edit it in to another picture.

Yeah i noticed the angle was boring but i forgot to save the bloody level so couldn’t change it. >:( Oh well.

Ok i’ll keep that in mind next time. thanks

Never use smart blur.