REDs posing on their BLU conterparts's corpses

Yes i posed the corpses too…i’m not that lazy.

Not bad. Just a question. Did ya download the solider one that has no hat? Or is it in Gmod already? Because i can’t find it.

nah for this,you need the console
then WHILE AIMING THE MODEL you want to change,type this in the console:
ent_fire !picker setbodygroup 1
1 can be any number and different numbers gives different results

I hope the demoman realizes he is not drinking anything.

Nah he is drinking air :D.

But how to do broken bottle?

Damn, it almost looks like something we’d see in-game, “animation” (posing) quality-wise. The only flaw of your picture is the weird perspective (FoV too high)

You hit someone with it.

I’m serious. That’s all you do, is just hit another player with the bottle.


or use the bodygroup changer

Loled at the Demo for being so drunk he doesn’t realize his bottle is krump… I mean broken.
And at the scout because he is wearing his helmet on his hat.