Reduce Fall Damage?

I’ve seen a lot of addons that deal with mp_falldamage but none of them seem to work. Does anyone know of a way to reduce fall damage that they have confirmed themselves to be working?


Go to console, and set mp fall damage yourself?

Isn’t there only mp_falldamage 1 and 0? I want fall damage that is very very low.

Hey buddy, I was reading over your post and decided to make you a small script for what you’re looking for.
[LUA]function GM:GetFallDamage(ply, speed)
return speed / 15

You can pay around with the number just change the 15 to something else and see what it does :wink:

That script didn’t seem to work. I placed it in lua/autorun/server.

However, I found out that if I make mp_falldamage 0, I get nice low fall damages.

That’s what the script does, mp_falldamage needs to be off for the hook to be called.

I did turn it off and I tried it again, but it still didn’t change anything.