Reduce high stone wall decay in this update... please!!!!

Please please please, reduce decay and make so door opening and closing affects them within the 40m radius as well. Love the walls but they can’t be used. Did I say please?

I think walls should be a bit of a pain to maintain, seriously they take 6 C4 to get through ONE, and for what, 500 stone? This is how much of a benefit they have over normal walls:

Building Stone Walls: 300 stone, 2 C4 to get through
High External Walls: 500 stone, 6 C4 to get though

That means that for only 66% more materials you get 200% more protection. The need to repair them often balances them more. Possibly a slow down in decay could be in order, but the delay timer being reset by doors may be a bit much.

I think the opposite, decay should be a thing for inactive players, leave the rate how it is and have it reset by doors. Plus to get into the walls players need a door anyway so if you’re going to break in, just c4 the doors not the walls.

Yeah actually steelcryo, that would be fine… must make it so u can reset it. I’m fine with the rate of decay if u abandon the wall… or it would take ages to go.

i hate decay anyway! Decay is unrealistic. My stone wall in the garden doesnt decay within hours !

We also don’t find blueprints for incendiary rockets in the fucking trash do we

And I have never woken up on a beach with nothing but a rock and a torch after a night out drinking.

Garry please remove all fun in favor of realism, this aspie that posted just before told you to, so you are obviously obligated to remove all fun mechanics or else he and his clan of him and his classmate will stop playing rust forever and make a video on youtube about how Rust is terrible and how you are terrible! Think of the autistic children, modertator!!!

Decay is not a balancing mechanic. It’s a server cleanup mechanism.

I find blueprints in my trash all the time…from Lego und Playmobil

That certainly explains a lot.

IMHO they messed up decay so bad. If stone walls are “too good” vs normal walls, making them decay 3x faster is not a proper way to fix it… just make them more expensive.

There are stone walls out there that are thousands of years old and still standing…

Large stone walls are prevented from decaying by doors opened within radius.

Maybe that was the intent, but I can quite guarantee that it doesn’t work like this currently. Stone walls will start decaying the second they’re deployed, and no amount of door opening or closing within a 40m radius does anything. I have double door stone 1 x 1 huts along my outer walls currently as access points. They’re used daily, and my walls decay non-stop regardless how often those doors are used.

Agree with Crunch, it doesn’t work. I always build 2-3 1X1’s inside the walls on the border to put cupboards. I open those doors daily to make sure the foundations don’t decay but the walls, right next to them, go to sh*t in just a couple days lol