Reduce Lag

Hey, Anyone know the command to turn off grass? my game is extremely laggy now that it’s working. I think it’s something like GrAss false or something

Good of you to ask. Being an informed Rust player is your first step to survival in this game.
Unfortunately, this particular console command is a very closely guarded secret.
Lucky for you, I’m willing to share it with you, but just this once, and just because I like you.

Here you go!

Whenever I type it into google or anything It doesn’t show up tho

Command Description
grass.on true/false Enables or disables grass; Improves FPS for some
grass.displacement true/false Enables or disables grass displacements.
suicide You commit suicide Turns the ui on
gui.hide Turns the ui off
net.connect “Server IP” Connect to a direct server IP.
censor.nudity true Censors nudity.
quit Quits the game.