Reduce sleeping bag health points -> Less random bags in plain sight

Idea: Reduce the health of sleeping bags. Often when travelling the world I see many bags just lying around. Some are not hidden at all. Currently destroying the bag takes too much durability of the weapon / tool to make it worth it. If the sleeping bags HP were reduced, this would encourage players to destroy the random bags they encounter since doing so no longer breaks your hatchet. This would make the houses more important and reduce the amount of random bags lying around in plain sight.

Imo items placed on the ground should decay just like campfires, this would also reduce the entity count.

YES to BOTH! Items on the ground should decay, and sleeping bags should be relatively easy to destroy.

I play on a server with a monthly wipe cycle, and towards the end of the cycle, (now), many of the buildings have decayed, and yet there are large furnaces and quarries left everywhere…

I also think the small underground stashes should decay over time, and “reveal” themselves once they get down to 20% or so, (so that someone else gets the chance to “find” the stash, if it has been abandoned).

stashes do decay already but the stuff will just vanish