Reducing amount of welds

Me and my friends are building a house on my server which is made out of a large amount of props (around 400 props or so), when people try to connect to the server they get the famous “Reliable Snapshot Overflow” error.
I have done some research on that error using Google and I found out that there are several things that could cause the problem, a very common one is having too many props with welds so that when people try to connect they cannot receive a reliable ‘snapshot’ of the server.
The only reason we weld every single prop is because we want to save our progress using advanced duplicator.

TL;DR: I would like to know if there’s any tool or method to reduce the amount of welds or to save multiple props (using adv. duplicator or a similar tool) without having to weld them together.

Smart Constraint tool (or so I think) will make that work with less lag.

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Thanks for the answer, Steven, however that tool seems to make more welds than the building already had, because it does multiple welds per prop, and if I set the welds per prop setting to 1 then it will never weld the building together.
I am looking for a tool that will weld the whole building in a chain of welds of 1 weld per prop so I could save it with advanced duplicator one way or another, or a method to save buildings without the need to weld every prop in it.

It’s better to weld all the props to one central prop than to weld them in a chain. It’s much more stable.