Reducing Quality (in hope of filesize) of models+materials possible?

Hello facepunch!

I have come up with this problem that I have installed some moneyprinters on my server but the models + texture are custom made and really heavy files for my players to download.
This results in many disconnecting before even finishing the download.

So my question is: Is there a way to reduce the file size I don’t care about loss of quality of the model as long I can greatly reduce the download time.

I already compressed the files, it helped but was not enough!

Thanks in advantage!

VTF files which are the textures for gmod cannot be compressed. But when the textures are imported into VTFedit, you can choose what format of compression you want.

*Heres some more info taken from

That said, DXT1 has the best compression. In fact, it’s twice the compression the other versions have but at the cost of alpha compression (it’s either on or off) and it intentionally drops data due to the table size. Personally, I would never use it.

DXT5 has a larger table and (or for?) the alpha channel. Depending on what you’re compressing, this may or may not have a higher quality. Personally, I would use this if it works well enough on the specific file.

BGR888 and BGRA8888 are uncompressed and therefore lossless. I would use this and then 7z the whole thing if I were to upload it anywhere.

DXT3 should also be an option. It has a different way of handing alpha which may work better for whatever you’re creating. It will have the same compression as DXT5.*

*This is a list of compressions I’ve tried with a class skin-job (spy_red for example), at 2048x1024 with the file size and quality result it gets me:

(Note that I haven’t checked any of the flag boxes, or messed with resize/mipmap filters outside of what’s generally reccommended.)

DXT1: 1.4mb - Smallest file size, worst image quality

DXT5: 2.8mb - Slightly larger file size, I didn’t notice a difference from DTX1

BGR888: 8.2mb - Less compression, almost lossless texture

BGRA8888: 10.9mb - No real compression at all it seems, same quality as BGR888.*

Textures can also be compressed when they are in their raw format such as JPG or PNG. Use photoshop to lower the image quality and import VTFedit.

From my own experiance of modelling and textures, I find resizing the texture when bringing it into VTFedit lowers the file size alot so have a play around with that.

For models, you could use a poly reduction tool which most 3D applications have such as Cinema 4D or Maya or 3DS MAX.

what quality of custom made are they?

#1 make texture mapping very efficient? don’t waste any sort of uv texture space.
#2 you can always lower the resolution of the textures. coreleates to #1. recycle textures’s and their space.
#3 you could make materials use a bunch of detail texture basis’ (like skin, fabric, leather). corelates to #2
#4 you can fake light effects. don’t use bumpmaps. use basemapalphaphongmask. the dirt cheapest bumpmap substitute for visual improvement. you need skill to create the phongmask tho.

Thank you for your answers, I’ll try to see if I can get it working, again thanks!