Reference API DLLs

Would it be possible to get access to some reference DLLs so people can at least experiment and explore the API without needing access to the game? Many of us already started writing code based on the published gamemodes but without any IntelliSense support and without seeing the full API.

Roslyn supports reference assemblies, which only contain metadata but no actual code. That’s enough to get IntelliSense at least.

I know the game is in a very early stage and that the APIs are subject to change, but it would be still great to experiment already. You could include some warning that these APIs will likely change and that its only a preview.


+1, would help a ton.


+1 :pray:


Absolutely, I totally agree. That’s frustrating right now and we totally rely on S&Box testers who don’t have enough time to debug, test themselves, and document via the wiki / this forum (I don’t consider the official/community discord as documentation, that’s so painful to browse through it).

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Just wait until you have access like a normal person, I get that you’re excited and all but this is getting stupid now.

What are you relying on them for? They’re there to test their own stuff, not yours.


Sorry If I wasn’t clear, I never asked testers for such things. When I say: “we totally rely on S&B tester”, I mean that information they can give us (if they want to ofc) are the most up-to-date information we can rely on for now (with FP ones and official examples). Maybe the “totally” word was not the right word to use (I’m not a native english speaker, it can be hard sometimes for me to communicate efficiently)

I’m not sure why it’s getting stupid, sorry if my questions/remarks become annoying in that case :frowning:

The “this is getting stupid now” bit was moreso referring to the OP than your post, if you’re just relying on them for news that’s probably fine? It’s just that ever since those first keys were dropped people have started making the weirdest requests.

I’ve seen everything from asking testers if they could dump their tokens for steamdb to asking if they could test their gamemodes for them and even going as far as to ask them if they could (and I shit you not) start sharing game assets or the dll’s responsible for the C# API or updated source 2 tools so that people could start picking them apart.

I get that people are excited and want to get their hands on the game (So do I) but some of you need to chill. Let Facepunch (and the testers) do their thing and you’ll get your chance eventually.


you mean that asking for a leak of game files is bad? :o
however, i agree on TankNut.

Just wait until the game is released and hope that the Wiki gets updated.
Annoying people with early access or developers wont help. (no matter if you want keys or just informations)

Facepunch may or may not release more informations for people without access but that fully depends on them.

I know, I joined this forum several days before the key thing and I see how this is going. I don’t really like it, but well … Sometimes that happens.

I wasn’t aware of that, and indeed I understand your reaction. We are not all like that. Many of us can wait, and many of us don’t submit weird requests just to have an early access to S&B. So let me apologize for them :frowning:

If that’s referring to the OP, this is not what s/he asked. It was more something related to metadata (just to have functions prototype). However, I don’t think this request was for testers, but more a question to Facepunch (in my opinion). Maybe to at least raise the question if that’s possible or not, I saw worse posts than this one ^^

I agree, we just need to wait, and some of us are simply trying to help others, not trying to have anything in return. In my case, I try to give my opinions/feedbacks/support. I don’t have anything else to offer anyway as my expertise is not software development.

who said leaking of the game files? the API is most likely separate fromthe game

i wrote with the stuff in mind that TankNut has written before (that someone asked to leak assets/dlls) which is a leak of files even if it is just an image or dll :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wish there was a Wiki for S&box that had the api like GMOD did… Is that even out yet?

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