Reference images

I’m currently working on a map that’s gonna take place mostly underground, but I need reference images to help me out.
I’ve looked around alot but only found a few decent pics, and I thought probably you guys have some sources for this type of thing.

What I need is underground bunker layouts/blueprints, preferably something military but I’ll be thankful for anything really.

Thanks in advance!

PhaZe I would love it if you included some form of train network into the map. Whether it’s narrow gauge (40 unit gap between rails) or standard (80 unit gap between rails), I’d love it if you did.


Coal mines are a good example of underground railroads. Notice how they’re all thin, so they can accomodate small but many carts. This allows them to be pushed and pulled from manpower.

If you’re going for a bunker style, it could be used as some form of transit system, depending on how large the map actually is. Think of Black Mesa, how it uses a monorail. not exactly something that would work well in GMod, but it would be great.

It depends on what you’re making the map for as well.


Yes, for anyone laughing at this, I am being serious, I want a transit system I can build on in a bunker. It would be fucking amazing.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t believe blueprints would be much of a help, as a layout that works well in real life most often doesn’t translate into something that works well in a game. But to make a suggestion, I would recommend browsing the maps in Goldeneye: Source as a large amount of them are based underground.

Thanks, I’ll check that out.