Reference Pictures

Hey there. Since the last thread went so bad, I’m going to “revive” the mapping Reference Pictures thread. So, post your nice pictures for ideas here!


  1. If the picture is bigger then 1440x900, [img_thumb] [/img_thumb] it!
  2. Don’t post pictures that won’t help the thread.
  3. Stay nice.
  4. Get loads of inspiration.


Have fun, and be sure to post some content.
Oh and if you have noticed anything I left out, post it, and i’ll add it, perhaps.


I think i’m going to do the tunnel just for fun (:

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These ones are pretty interesting.

I get a lot of inspiration from concept art from various games. Here are some from Star Wars the Old Republic:

huh, what went wrong?

that thread is fine, why did you make this one?


Last post was one week ago, I thought i’d just revive it.

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I have an 1920x1024, but, I guess most people have less then that. I don’t know.

An old downtown area:
This would be hard but neat:
A river bluff:

** Nobody miss this. 100 ideas for level design. **

We should use the other thread since it is easier to find and has much more content (one of the top most viewed in this section)

I remember some one posted that a while back. Don’t know if it was you. The article is neat!


Oh, and you should really make another post:

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Not really images, but has quite a lot of description

and of course:

You should probably it when you’ve got a bigger res?