References and so on.

Hello all, i’m making Starcraft C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle and i got the problem.

  1. How to make collission aka physics.
  2. How do i do animation for each thing(i mean smd file), like shooting, reloading so on.(When i decompiled one v_model, there was a lot of fire.smd, reload.smd, draw.smd and so on)
    If there is any good written tutorial, post a link here please.
  3. Where can i get view model of hands for my weapon?(Hl2 style)
  4. How do i make hands on my model?

Update, help plz

First off what modeling program are you using?
For each animation that you make you will have to export a smd with the animation. So if you want to make a reloading animation you would have to animate it and export it.
For the hands your going to want to go look for a rig with hl2 hands for your modeling program (Google it).
As for how to animate there are a bunch of tutorials out there.

Thanks. Btw i’m using 3dsMax 2009, forgot to ment it.

Ok. I’m an animator, so i can help you with the animation part.
If you want to animate a bone (e.g. your elbow), just right click on the bone and click “Curve Editor”. A little window will pop up and you’ll see a lot of keys - these are points on the animation when the animation program knows to move THAT bone to THAT particular position or rotation at THAT point.
That’s basically it. You modify these until you get the animation you want.

Oh thx for curve, didn’t know. Sorry, but i want do it myself, i’m big fan of Starcraft, same as Warcraft, so i’ve decided to make C-14 Impaler Gauss rifle(Marine Rifle), but i need textures for it :(.
P.S. Trying to make it very realistic.

I looked through your threads and found this:

If you can’t make something as simple as that then I don’t see how you’re going to go about making the gauss rifle. which is more complex. By the way, you don’t need pre-made textures. You make a low poly model, a high poly model, bake the normal and ambient occlusion maps and overlay those on top of a metal texture. Then you enhance the texture and add scratches, dirt, and other details.

Mm, i agree with you, i’m not so pro…-----This gun(from quake 2) had to be made of hammer blocks—… but i’m trying to do my best, because all the time i was trying to find some weapons from starcraft - there were none.

Most people don’t know how to bake. And for those who do a lot of them find it hard to make a low and high poly model.