Reflections are purple?

Not sure what is wrong. The map was working great, before I compiled it, and replaced the old file. The change was the Far z Plane on env_Fog_controller. I don’t if that has to do with it, but I do have all the textures, files, and it was working great before the last compile.

You have to build the cubemaps, not only place them. Enter “buildcubemaps” into the console. Turn off specular before by typing “mat_specular 0” else there will still be a bit of purple visible (because the cubemaps of the cubemaps are missing). Turn it on again afterwards with “mat_specular 1”.

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This happened to me once on CSS. Then I restarted it and it was fine.

I assumed it just didn’t load the reflections right that time

As DasMatze said, “buildcubemaps” command should fix it all just fine