Reflections purple & black squares

It’s a bit hard to see due to it being night time on this map, but you can slightly see the purple & black issue.

Other people who have joined the server have downloaded the correct textures and I believe I have, but I don’t see why I am to get this problem.

SS of my graphic options atm

That almost reminds me of when the water texture used to get this error. I have this red Ferrari convertible, and I have only seen this happen sometimes. I would rule out missing texture, because the texture shows below the purple and black, so there is a chance its graphical related, and it just can not read the shine sprite or whatever overlapping material it is to make the car more shiny/reflective. BTW do you have Episode Two?

Yeah, I have all the HL2 games.

This has happned to me before, however I could just restart gmod and be fine

Actually on some maps the reflections will do this. No idea why.

It may randomly just fuck up. Restarting Gmod fixes this.
It seems that it happens more often in some maps than others, also might have something to do with the client’s system.

There’s a problem with the map, resulting in cubemaps not finding right envmaps.
Console command "buildcubemaps will fix this, but possibly make the map incompatible.

If it’s just one model, there’s an error in the VMT file, easily fixed. “$envmap” “env_cubemap”

alt + tab, and then go back in game. This helps sometimes.

This. And it’s also Alt+Tab that causes the error. So it causes it and fixes it. Only does this when in full screen.