Reflective surface texture problem

While testing out my map, I notice that for reflective surfaces (glass, metal, etc.) I’m getting a slight hint of purple and black while at the same time having this rainbow reflection. Here’s a pic:

I’ve checked for leaks and anything funny in the compile log and the console. While the first 2 were fine, I noticed something in the console after I built the cubemaps:

I’m thinking it’s the cubemaps but I not sure. Anyone know what’s causing this?

P.S: I know this is unrelated but, I’m having trouble making a HEV suit spawner (see pic.) I can make it spawn a suit (which looks all red and undetailed), open the doors for 10-15 seconds, and close. However, I can’t KEEP it closed. It keeps looping the close animation every 15 sec. Any help on this and on the main problem above is greatly appreciated.

add cubemaps, then buildcubemaps.
There is no good world model for the hev suit in as the suit, you have to download one
for the model thing,
do setanimationspeed or whatever it is to 0, then 1 along with the animation change when you want it to close again

I already have a few cubemaps here and there. This shouldn’t be happening. I’m guessing I didn’t add cubemaps in the right spaces then.
Explain in a bit more detail.

P.S: Thanks for the help with the suit spawner problem.

have you built them?

Like I told you, I got a few here & there (most of them are over water) and when I try out the map I build the cubemaps before doing anything.

ok… are there any cubemaps within 64 units of that?

Hold on. I fixed it. Just like I thought, I didn’t place cubemaps in the right places. After adding the needed amount of cubemaps, everything was normal again. Thanks for the help anyways!


Hold on (again). I got another problem. That hev suit solution doesn’t help. There’s no set animation speed input. All I found that seemed relevant was setplaybackrate.

yeah its setplayback rate.
my bad… didnt remember exactly hahaha :smug:

Yeah, well some more clear directions would be nice as I got confused from the previous directions.