reflective textures won't work (TF2)

whenever i put anything reflective in the map, it has that black and purple stuff that means that something somewhere hates me. i have a cubemap, at head height, and there’s an env_sun and a light_environment entity on the map. this also effects water, to see what i mean, go on my server, and look at the roof of the house in the middle of the map (i am currently afk, working on my walls (IRL)).

P.S. sorry for posting a TF2 problem, but i figure this is the best place to get help mapping.

Built cubemaps? If not, open the console and enter “buildcubemaps”.

well did you try building it


dang im late

yes, i did try building cubemaps


can anyone help?

Check your compile log for leaks.

what would a leak look like?


and how would i fix one?

Usually LEAKED then it’ll create a new line, with the leak info. When you see it (if) it’ll be at the very top of the compile log.

Go into hammer after spotting LEAKED and click map -> view pointfile. It’ll start at the entity that’s leaking, and then go through the leak, out into the void.

Oh, btw, your server is fun to play on, even if it’s only 5 people it’s so funny having heavy fist taunt shootouts at the sound of a sniper rifle shot.

thanks xD add me on steam, toughdog6789, also, my reflections magically started working >.>