Refraction Servers: Vestige Zombie Survival


Vestige is a WIP remake of Zombie Master in Garry’s Mod. Created by


Vestige is still in Beta, we are working on an update which will be release soon. We would like some more people to join in on the fun!

Here’s a list of all the zombies killed on the server since launch:

In the spirit of Halloween you’ll get weapons such as a Road Flare, Molotov Cocktail, Rusty pipe, etc.

We do have FastDL but it’s recommended you download the content pack first to save your time…

Content Pack

Server IP

Wow, awesome. Added the IP to my favorites list. I’ll check it out some time, here have a heart.

Gonna check it out also.

Edit: Someone rated me heart :smile:

Checked it out and it was awesome! Exactly like zombie master.

We’re running an update right this minute that changes a lot of stuff. For the better.

Sweeet! I have a friend that totally loves zombie master and I’ll tell him to try out your server.

Some shots from this afternoon…