Refrence error?

when ever i try to join a server it gives me the dun sound and then sometimes a pop up comes up saying like refrence error? what should i do?

Picture? dont know what ur talking about

give us a screenshot please, ive never seen that error before

i cant gmod locks up and then that pops up and my comp screws up


also i have a weird file called lua_temp is that a problem?

reinstall gmod

but eh i just spent like 6 hours downloading the mods i lost when i got a new comp


also in the error it says like cant find refrence ( then some big number )


Ok i wrote it down! The instruction at “0x1599853f” refrenced memory at “0x0e890454”. click ok to end program.


come on someone has to know how to fix this.

some one

sounds a bit like a memory error of some sort… maybe try to free some RAM maybe?