Refresh listing bug

This is a bug I have been dealing with for a while, and it really pisses me off. I will be coding, then have to restart server. When I refresh to join back, the servers all dissapear, and I am left with a blank server list. This has happened on 2 different pc’s I own, so not a hardware issue. I appreciate any help given in advance.

Get better Internet or lower max pings in steam settings.
Or maybe it’s a problem with Steam.
You can always use retry console command to reconnect to the last server you were on.

I have 100mbps internet, don’t think it is the issue. Happens on both pcs so not steam. And with the max ping, all servers, even ones few miles away don’t show.

If your internet drops out when this is happening, then it’s your internet, if not, it’s a problem on steam side, i have this happening with TF2 lately too.