refresh server list multiple times = no listing at all/joining full server options

This one has plagued me for a while now (since start of “experimental”). Trying to enter a popular server that is full requires me to attempt entry many times…

Hitting refresh button on the server listing multiple times will result in some sort of “Empty” server list. Either I hit refresh a bunch more times to get a complete listing or restart client. More often, restarting client will result in a successful server listing of servers available.

I know this is something small and not big on the importance list, but thought I would share it anyways.

On a side, I have found it easier to enter a full server by doing the following:

1 Select servers (top center option)
2 Select desired server (previous server is already selected if you have done this step already)
3 Click join on the upper right
4 Wait ~5 (preferred) to 10 seconds (says connecting center screen) no join
5 Click Cancel (center screen option, can hear background music reset)

Repeat steps 1 through 5 until successful connection

Keep this going until you join

Clicking “reconnect” does not reset background music. Not sure if this really does try an authentic reconnect or not. This is why I perform the steps outlined above to ensure a true restart before a new connection attempt. These steps usually get me in more often than trying other methods.

If you have other steps or procedures that you have found successful to join popular servers that are full, please, by all means I would like to hear them.

I could be wrong as I’ve not fully investigated myself, but I’m pretty sure you’re saturating your connection (which will cause packet loss) which then results in ‘empty’ / ‘not full’ server list.

The reason is that when you hit that refresh button, your game client queries the Steam master servers (just like I do on PlayRustHQ). Steam reply back with a list of Server IPs, then your Client then requests the server information of each of those.

My stats show that there are currently around 2,500 servers online right now. When you hit that refresh button, Steam will reply with a few large packets which your client then processes. For each of the IPs Steam replies back with, 1 packet is sent, 1 packet is received. All of this data will saturate your connection temporarily - which is why you aren’t seemingly able to connect to a server temporarily. Restarting your client and waiting a little will fix this as your client stops trying to process the data.

I’m running on a 155MBit home connection and I can replicate this pretty easily. It’s worth noting that this isn’t unique to Rust - it’s the same for all Steam games. I remember suffering from the same when I accidentally refreshed the CS1.6/CSS server lists too.

You just need to be a bit more patient with the server list.