Refreshing GMod?

Ok so I have a number of things all over GMod that are full of old instances of stuff I installed. By this I mean that things like my spawn menu and NPCs with different models/texture files and the like, all try to load the modified version of whatever I had installed in addons that changed their default appearance or whatever, even after I remove the addon. I have spawn menus that list props or ragdolls that have been deleted and so only show errors for the preview icons all throughout the menu and when I spawn some default models that would still exist with the clean version of GMod, like the NPCs, they show up with the black and purple checkered texture and the old deleted model as their shape.

Is there anyway to “clear the cache of GMod”, so to speak? To make it recognize that I have deleted the modified files and so it can go back to using the defaults? I really don’t want to have to reinstall GMod and pick through everything to bring it back to how I have it now, but if there is not other way than I will.

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\username\garrysmod\garrysmod\settings\spawnlist

Delete anything that you removed, but if you’ve replaced the default options then it’ll take you a REALLY long time to remove them one by one. I’d recommend just backing up your maps, and doing a clean install of garrysmod (just delete the garrysmod folder, so you don’t download everything again).

Ah. Alright then. Thank you.

Just delete settings/spawnlist. It’ll all regenerate.

Or just right click one and click Remove.

So the useless spawn list thing is fixed, now how do I fix the NPCs that are showing up with black and purple checkered models? Specifically my problem is spawning the HL Source HECU Grunt does not work as it shows up black and purple in a T-pose of a model I used to have for HECU NPCs but deleted once the new update came out. I don’t know how it can even load the wrong model since I deleted it.