Refreshing Server Listing Interferes with Internet

Basically what the title says. If I hault the refresh about halfway through everything will be fine for the most part. I can obtain the full server listings and complete the refresh, but when I go to actually join a server I won’t be able to connect due to my internet being “down.” So, I have to then close GMod, wait for things to return to normal, and then relaunch the game and join via the console.

I’ve got a pretty solid connection, so I don’t understand why this happens, and this appears to be the only game of mine in which this does happen. Interestingly enough, my network always appears to be fine when this happens (no yellow caution sign implying a lack of connection).

I’ve been having this issue since Garry’s Mod 13 was first released, I’ve never been happy with this current server browser.
Your best bet to solve this issue would probably be to use the legacy browser.

Using legacy browser shouldn’t matter. This is because your internet is so bad it can be pretty much self-DDOS-ed just by your game asking info about each server. Try lowering the Max Pings setting in Steam.

I’ve tried this before, and oddly enough it isn’t related to the issue. As I said before, I’ve got fairly robust internet. For whatever reason, this only happens in GMod.

To elaborate a little more, my internet is fine while the server list is refreshing, it goes kaput when, or around when it completes the refresh. As in, if I stop the refreshing a bit before the listings are complete, there will be no issues.