Refugees encounter an obstacle while escaping the city

you have a bunch of floating stuff.

Also not sure what’s going on with the generator

if you’re wondering about the glow next to the generator, it’s supposed to look like a flashlight in the citizen’s hand. the place where the train derailed is an abandoned town right outside City 17 and the guy holding the flashlight is turning on the generator to power up the street lamps.

where exactly do you see floating stuff?

I like the atmosphere.

Like Wraith said, stuff is floating. It’s mostly grass floating over the food, and there’s one can next to the female rebel that’s floating above the fire.

The glow of the flashlight is also too strong and generally wouldn’t make sense for a flashlight.

Also, something tells me you don’t have the Bodygroup changer stool, since all the citizens are the enhanced versions, all of them wearing the same normal jumpsuit.

But like OogaBooga said, the atmosphere seems pretty well done. Just keep practicing and you’ll do fine.

The can isn’t floating, the female rebel is holding it above the fire with a tool of some sort. but thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely get the bodygroup changer.

it’s my third pose btw so I’m not really experienced :smile:

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lol two disagrees, wonder what they mean

Not bad for a third pose… not bad at all.

thanks :slight_smile: