Refugees for Rebels

I was wondering is someone could take these refugees and make them replace the HL2 rebels. I would do it, but I don’t know what to name the models or the skins. So if you can, please repackage these. Thanks.

Oh wait, you don’t want the refugee textures on the rebels? My mistake.

it’s way easier then that, from what i know the rebels and refugees have the same animations, so you just have to hex them to replace the rebels. I’ll do this in the morning.

How is it so far?

done i just have to test them

Yea that should be simple, its just hexing the Group01 or Group02 part to Group03 surely.

I dunno if that would work but I’m sure it might.

Just had a look they’re versions of the Group02 NPCs.

Edit: corrected after further inspection.

Well, frankly, I don’t want to fuck with models and stuff, because I know I’ll mess it up. So if someone would do it for me and put a download on then I would be happy.


[sarcasm]Well, thanks for all the help. You’re all so nice. Thank you so much for giving me a download for it, too.[/sarcasm]

sorry, internet died. uploading now.


here you go:

Thank you.