refund for rust

I tried to enjoy this game by putting 3 hours, the trailer looked nice, but the game was laggy and would crash a lot. My computer met with the specs needed even when I turned the graphics to the lowest setting. I tried my best to enjoy the game, but the lagging and crashing ruined. I forgot to mention it takes a real long time to start up the game with it being on the loading screen for 10 minutes. I’m hoping to get a refund because the game lags when my computer meets with the specs and I’m hoping I get a complementary refund I’ve seen others get. I’m hoping to get my steam credit back. I’ve also tried updating my drivers, but nothing works all my other games run fine. Thanks for reading. Also, I already went to Steam support and they said I have to contact the devs.

You have to contact Steam Support for a refund, FP does not handle billing whatsoever.

Seriously, if Steam Support sent you here, they’re brushing you off or are clueless.

Do you not understand the point of in-development software? The game’s not finished, bugs are to be expected. Why would you ever buy an Early Access title if you’re not prepared to put up with the problems games in active development have?

I suggest waiting for the game to be fully developed before considering getting refunded because of bad performance, bad performance is a normal thing in games still in development, it would be a shame if the game turns out to have good performance in the future after you get refunded, then you’d have to rebuy the game.

Still if you want I suggest e-mailing the devs, it has a higher chance of being noticed than this thread and I feel something like a refund is more of an e-mail thing.

You get a refund if you jump off a cliff.

In all seriousness:

You bought into early access. The game is NOT COMPLETE and won’t be for a while. If the game lags, lower the settings. It’s not optimized much since it’s early access. Wait for optimizations.

what is the email to the devs

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also I have friends that also bought this game and they have worse computer than me

If you bought the game through Steam, you have to file for a refund through Steam Support.

The devs had nothing to do with that transaction and cannot issue a refund, because the money transaction went through Steam’s store.

Emailing the devs will be a waste of your time and theirs.

Has he tried playing Legacy? Instead of just suggesting ways for him to get a Refund, maybe he should try Legacy out? It’d be more of what he’s looking for (better optimization, near complete feeling… for an extremely basic game)

I don’t know that he’s going to get a refund after putting three hours in; typically Steam Support’s policy has been 60 minutes of playtime or less, or else you bought it. However, I’m not Steam Support so I don’t know either way.

What I do know is that OP was not expecting to play alpha software and isn’t prepared for the realities of Rust’s development process. This despite the big Early Access sticker on the front that begins with “We are in very early development. Some things work, some things don’t.”

If he can get a refund, then let him get a refund and leave, and maybe he’ll give Rust a try again when the EA banner comes off and it leaves beta. If he can’t get a refund, he’s just going to have to be patient for six months and put up with the fact that he bought something without researching it and has to live with the consequences.

Plus, hackers and exploiters are an epidemic on legacy due to the fact that legacy wasn’t built to be hacking-resistant and it hasn’t been meaningfully updated in six months and never will be again. That’s not going to change OP’s mind if he wants a refund based on three hours of poor performance and crashing.

However, when you buy Rust on Steam, you’re buying a license to the finished game along with immediate access to the developmental builds. Rust will improve over time. If you don’t understand that when you buy an Early Access game, you shouldn’t be buying Early Access titles.

I have tried legacy same issue. its not my computer cuz it meets with the specs

also, I get that early access games will have issues. but these issues make the game unplayable and ive heard steam giving a one time complementary refund for each account

You accept that Early Access games have issues, and then when you encounter issues you want to spend your one refund chance on $20.

At the end of the day, you still need to deal with Steam Support, period.

so does this confirm steam gives a one chance refund


Could you get your head out of your ass please? You’re not getting a refund.

its stuck

i got a refund

Thanks for updating us, we were on the edges of our fucking seats dude.

I bet you were.

lol TL:DR What I gathered was “My computer meets the specs but its plays horribly! I wants moneyz back!”…then obviously your computer does not meet the specs when I run 40+ fps.

research before you buy

I am disappointed that he got the refund. He is just… too naive to deserve one.

“Hurr hurr my computer cant play a game that is advertised as being unfinished and not optimized”