Refund request / Permanent game and steam id deletion

Well, let me start off by saying I generally like survival and PVP games, but the recent direction the game has taken had me raging.
Just over 2 years ago I bought Rust, while still being in its alpha stage, granted, I did not play it, but i wanted to support the development of another survival game on the market. The recent gender locking randomization, when i read about it had me raging and full of ire, my blood pressure shot up so high i got a migraine.

My problem is not with the gender, but with the bigotry that I feel is behind it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about gender, Im actually disgusted by human and some may even call me a racist or a nazi, but its all based on life experience.
I play video games so i can disconnect from the real world, but encountering that same things that made my life hell in a video game title, or at least in the developers mentality, that blew my fuses. It feels like when someone douses your home in benzine and lights it up saying “You don’t have a choice.” Now I am angry, for being such a fool for trusting in other people, in the developers, i should never have done that.
Now every single time is see Rust, in my steam games library, sends me into foaming rage.
The aspect that you cant decide what you are born in real life might be true, but I can decide what i invest in. I feel Facepunch Studios betrayed my trust, i don’t want to be associated with them in any way. I request that my steam id and any information they have connected to it be deleted, and access for this account to the product permanently removed.

It is extremely hard for me, as i write this, to refrain from swearing and yelling, please excuse me if I have written something immature and inappropriate.
Thank you for your time.

seek professional help please

So basicly you decided to buy a game, which dont fits youre Idealism. And then you decided to make an Account to show your anger and rage in Public against an game which is basicly not done even nearly done yet, I can understand that your not happy with the fact that You cant decide how youre Charakter looks like, but that shouldnt be gamebreaking.

Ill give you a friendly tip sit in youre chair keep hating humanity because everyone Is shit, and give Rust another 3-5 months and check it then.

Maybe all youre problems that you have will vanish till that date comes by.

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Unfortunately you may be well outside the time-frame for refunds according to Steam’s refund policy:

Never the less, on behalf of Face-punch and Rust community I thank you for your money, which was well spent developing this awesome game.

You may want to talk to Steam support about this one, I am sure this can be arranged.

You can also remove a game from said account.

I know how you feel, I don’t like being called a woman either.

This is not about idealism, i despise idealists.

If they want to conduct a social experiment that is okay, but they should not present it as a video game. If you really desire to do an experiment, then you go trough the proper procedures in a controlled environment.

What none noticed is the way it is handled, it is a process where clearly one side is dominant over the other, with them being without any accountability. As someone who regularly purchases video games i find that frightening.
Such ideas can quickly lead toward a slippery slope.
I have seen trends like this in real life, with home mortgages, the banks having the right to rewrite loan contracts based on their whims and desires, without the consent of the borrower. The result being, that people are still in debt after paying their loans for 10 years, without fail and they still needing to repay 5 times as much as they borrowed, with them probably paying it for the rest of their lives if things continue they way they are.

“You have no choice.” has the same vibe as “You are expendable and replaceable.” and i have seen both in action and have experienced it on my own skin. I learned the hard way that sometimes you need to say no and stand your ground. Even in trivial issues like this need to be examined from multiple vantage points by responsible persons, for the vices and desires of our fellow human are what cause pain and suffering in the world.
Yes people are not born equal both genetically and socially, but forcing this onto a medium that people enjoy to be entertained and distracted is hypocrisy.

Video gaming is very dear to me, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, this is my only vice and one of the major sources of entertainment for me.
With less than 50 years of history it is still in is infancy, with its golden age only starting around 16 years ago.
Game studios come and go, but the titles they produce have a long lasting legacy, and the introduction of social, racial or political issues can ruin something that should be pure of it.
Currently the base that will decide the direction of gaming for 50 years is being built, both developers and players should be responsible for the direction it takes.

Since some people realized, that money is to be made from video games, one of the driving factors of the game industry became greed and I personally find it disgusting.
The problem with early access titles is, that they work like an investment in which the investor has no say in and when it goes a direction that he personally does not like, he can not cash out and withdraw support. Instead of the idea you invested in at the beginning and liked you get something and you would not touch with a 10 ft pole.
I find this extremely one sided, with the developer doing as he wishes with the capital you gave him. This practice should be discouraged either by giving out in depth detail of the product to be developed and working like a proper investment or banned outright.

This is just my opinion and I encourage debating issues and ideas if all parties are willing, otherwise it is a waste of time.

As it was quoted in games of thrones…“You know NOTHING Pazer”

Then please explain. Replying with a quote from a mediocre TV show is shallow.

Nothing to explain to you.Because you have it in your head already that this is wrong. It is your opinion granted but you couldn’t be further from reality

Not that is a bit self righteous, your not even trying to have a proper discussion.

Because we’re suspicious of trollbait.

Well, no offense dude, but you’re not exactly having a proper discussion yourself. You’re telling us that you’re literally foam-at-the-mouth-like-a-rabid-animal furious over the Rust devs’ choice of automatically assigning and locking a randomized gender to a player’s account and demanding both a refund and the removal of the game from your library. Not only is the game still in early access, meaning that the very feature you’re complaining about could end up being replaced for something else that’s more in favor of the users (example: players can customize their character’s appearance as they wish, but it will be permalocked to the player’s account after finalizing) further down the line, but you’re acting like they’re automatically obligated to refund you just because you’re making that very demand. While it’s not a great example nor meant to be treated as an insult, you’re basically acting like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum over getting something they wanted for their birthday but getting angry that it’s navy blue in color instead of gunmetal blue in color before demanding that their parents take it back.

Seriously, this game is still in early development despite the arguments people make about how it’s been out for so long as a Steam early access title. If you’re really going to get this pissy over being forced to play as a specific gender that you feel the need to demand a refund well after the time limit given by Steam’s own guidelines, then your only other option is to contact your bank and have them do whatever they need to do undo the purchase. However, doing this will also cause Valve to basically blacklist your current Steam account from what I’ve seen others mention, so that’s not exactly a wise option either.

I am not looking for baptized christians for tying to pine tree, but a proper discussion would be welcome.

I don’t understand

Kind of difficult as it seems the only “proper” comments are those that share you setiment, which so far is no one.

Well a few things can send me to tilt and this one was one of those things, but i try to handle everything with logic first and foremost. The analogy with the birthday present is not accurate how ever, when your working hard to earn a living with employee exploitation being the norm where you live and earning less then 600 USD a month as a skilled technician before taxes, can make that 20 bucks a big number.
Other thing is where I live if you don’t stomp out an idea at its root it will quickly spread and its usually the bad ideas.

I wanted to voice my dissatisfaction and might have overreacted, but it being overreaction in the end will be decided by the other parties reaction.

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Humans are inherently flawed and most of them carter to their most basic desires and short term gain.
In my book saying someone is human, is degrading. Very few persons are capable of recognizing the more subtle and long term effects of their actions.

You need more than what a game developer will be able to provide, I think.

I am a functioning person and before anyone comes with more “You need help.” replies i have been to 3 separate institutes for psychological analysis and the only thing they found is that i have minor sociopathic tendencies based on life experiences. So thank you but im fine. Lets stay on topic.

I don’t think you understand how mortgages work.